• Danielle Marie

Self-Awareness And Emotional Intelligence The Cure For Bad Marketing?

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Self-awareness is defined as knowing yourself; understanding your feelings and behaviors. Social media self-awareness, similarly, is knowing yourself (or your brand) and the WHY behind what you do.

Self-awareness in social media also means understanding your voice, knowing what you’re good at, and knowing what you still must learn.

Your emotional intelligence (EQ) often dictates your level of self-awareness and self-regulation. W

hen someone knows and embraces their strengths and weaknesses, they can more seamlessly “fit in” with the team, follow directions and give non-biased feedback – all things crucial to social media marketing and managing brands.

Authenticity and staying true to yourself or your brand also play heavily in emotional intelligence.

By definition, “authentic” means genuine. So, what’s authentic for one brand won’t be for another. However, brands with authentic social media presence share some common traits. Brands with a sense of humor have thrived in the social media space. Pizza Hut and Old Spice have reinvented themselves with quirky, irreverent social media campaigns. By showing their silly side, these brands established a sense of authenticity among their social media followers.

A tangible example of how emotional intelligence works best in marketing value is WestJet, who not only share social media posts about their products, services and flights, but often share emotionally-charged and compelling stories, videos and photos of their employees and consumers. These stories consistently embody Canadian values and emphasize WestJet’s commitment to doing business differently by putting people first.

Successful social media marketing is about authentic interaction that inspires advocacy for your products and services, yielding trusted recommendations that are more effective than other forms of advertising. This is true whatever the size of your business.

I believe that the cure to bad marketing is self-awareness. As a marketer, you know what your unique selling points are from a high level. You can usually articulate them in a few sentences, but that’s not enough when it comes to reaching your audience. Being honest about what you’re not is often as valuable as being honest about what you are.

Likewise, a company does not exist for everyone. There are specific types of people who want what you have. Your challenge is to find these people and speak their language. It’s better to focus on learning who these people are than trying out the latest marketing tricks and formulas on people who were never meant to be your customers.

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